About Us

wizytowki_mockupWelcome to our design studio showcase. As Architects, our mission is to improve and create environments: spaces that foster innovation and improve their inhabitants’ well being.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you need design advice; hopefully we can provide inspiration for your future projects.

The firm has had a successful practice of offering beautiful, functional, and well designed spaces to a multitude of clients in many locales. Our projects have ranged from high-end residential homes to commercial buildings such as medical offices.

Working as a “team” with our clients, we aim to create buildings that inspire people: structures that balance form and function, but also reflect each client’s individuality. With expertise in a wide diversity of styles, BB Studio Architects effectively incorporates design with surroundings while utilizing new technologies.

BB Studio Architects, LLC is a small diversified architectural office located in Madison, New Jersey. Whether your project is residential or commercial, BB Studio Architects has the design talent and building expertise to create a structure of lasting style and integrity.

You will work directly with the professional team that will lead your project from concept to completion. As your Architects, we are dedicated to the success of your project throughout all phases. We are problem solvers who provide you with peace of mind, creative artists who excite and energize you and help you define your desires by exploring new ideas with design and construction options.


We have over twenty years of working experience in architectural and construction fields. We are Registered Architects in the states of NY and NJ, NCARB Certificate Architects, as well as members of the AIA community. We enjoy working on challenging and complex projects with the goal to find satisfying solutions to create aesthetically pleasing structures. Our primary objective is to provide our clients with the best possible service while ensuring they have an enjoyable time during the entire process.

We are LEED Accredited Professionals on the leading edge of sustainable “green” design and construction. We can guide you through the process of getting your building LEED certified or if certification is not a priority we can determine which “green” materials or products are best suited for your project. There are many options available that can save cost while protecting the environment. We can work with you to determine the best possible “green” materials and methods of construction that are financially feasible for construction and life cycle costs.

BBstudio Architects is a full service firm providing design, zoning analysis, master planning, space planning, construction documents, bid phase coordination, and construction administration services.


We offer a range of architectural services for homeowners, business owners, investors and contractors. We can provide many additional services utilizing our “team” of professionals including master planning, interior design, site planning, structural design, landscape design, construction management and energy conservation.

Our main field of expertise is residential design, including but not limited to: high end residential houses, single family houses, multi family houses, renovations and additions, historical renovations, multi story residential buildings, mixed use buildings, and interior designs.

We also have experience with commercial projects in particular medical offices and facilities, and as well as experience in designing façade systems: from high rise alum/glass curtain walls to mid and low rise aluminum panels and brick veneer walls.